Cottage rules


  1. Cottage is used to instructive and educational stays, preferentially for the members of Křesťanské společenství, o. s. , but also for other christians.
  2. Participants are responsible for cottage inventory. If you couse demage of inventory, you are obliged to report it to trustee and share costs for repair.
  3. During whole of your stay there have to be one person responsible for course and safety.
  4. Responsible person will be introduced to runing of cottage and will be the only who is legitimate to manipulation with master switch, with waterworks and to change gas bottles.
  5. Use slippers in the whole cottage.
  6. Do not smoke in the whole object.
  7. Lock cottage up when you leaving it.
  8. Cottage is equiped with convector heater. When use it strictly follow the rules of their safety use.
  9. In the cause of fire are all participants obliged to prevent its spred. Immediately inform fire brigade – telephone number: 150. To put out fire itself use fire extinguishers situated in each floor.

Person responsible for the whole stay and safety sign Assume Responsibility form (see odkaz) during take up of cottage.


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